Top 20 Reasons Why You Should Work at Bridgepoint

Trent Turner Director of Financial Consulting

We’re celebrating 20 years of Finance, Technology & Risk Consulting here at Bridgepoint Consulting! At every milestone, our employees have been at the heart of everything we have achieved. In honor of our 20th anniversary, we asked our team to share a few of the reasons why they love working here. Here’s our top 20 list:

We’re growing quickly.

From overall revenue and headcount, to expanding into new geographies, including Dallas and Houston—we continue to prosper. With plans to expand even more, our team is 170 strong and counting.

We recently surpassed the 2,500 client mark.

We’ve helped more than 2,500 clients in Texas and beyond transform their operations and amplify growth. We are passionate about helping companies of all sizes grow and succeed at every stage of the business lifecycle. Our diverse clients range from hot Austin startups and fast-growing middle market companies to public sector organizations. Who could ask for anything more?

We’ve got a stellar team.

Bridgepoint’s most valuable asset is and will always be our people. Our savvy finance/accounting, IT and risk pros are smart, talented and have a range of complex technical skills and invaluable soft skills, developed through their experiences at some of the hottest organizations in Texas, the Big 4 and Fortune 100 companies. Our employees also range from new college grads to seasoned CFOs—there’s a place here for everyone!

We build enduring relationships.

We put our clients first, and love going above and beyond to help them tackle their biggest initiatives and business challenges. Our clients rely on our expertise, flexibility, dependability, and drive to get things done. The result? We are a trusted advisor for many companies to from the startup phase all the way to IPO readiness and beyond. We also recognize that we are not a fit for everyone, and focus on selecting clients that we know we can help. Check out some of our amazing clients.

We do work that matters.

Everything we do adds value to our clients, which makes us a perfect match for those hungry to make a big impact. Being a part of the Bridepoint team is not only a job, it’s an opportunity to do meaningful and rewarding work. Check out some of our client success stories to discover how we’ve helped companies of all sizes and across many industries.

Our core values define us.

Here at Bridgepoint, our three core values: value client relationships, uphold integrity and empower team members, are not just a poster on the wall—we live them every day. We also tie our employee recognition programs to these values, by empowering colleagues to recognize those who embody these qualities. Learn more about how our commitment to strong core values binds us together.

We prioritize people & culture.

What connects us to our clients, and each other? Our firm’s culture. We are a team that embraces diversity, fosters collaboration, practices mentorship, and believes in a positive, healthy work climate. We are proud to say that we are truly redefining what it means to be a professional services—our culture can’t be beat!

We celebrate success.

We’re big believers in continuous feedback and recognize excellence in our team. But recognition doesn’t just come from the top. Here at Bridgepoint, we take pride in our colleagues’ accomplishments as much as we do our own. From our KUDOS peer-to-peer employee recognition program, to our Bridgie Awards and more, we are proud to help our teammates shine!

We’re on the cutting edge.

Being client-focused means constantly pursuing smarter solutions to problems. We stay on the cutting edge of leading technologies and establish strong partnerships with leading software providers such as NetSuite, Salesforce, ServiceNow and more, to make sure that our clients remain a step ahead of their competition.

We offer project variety.

Working at Bridgepoint is challenging, invigorating, and rewarding—but never dull. Whether we are helping a company implement a new ERP system, prepare for an audit, address finance/accounting challenges or undergo a full-scale digital transformation, our team of pros get to work on a variety of unique and transformative special projects.

We serve diverse clients & industries.

As part of a leading management consulting firm, our pros get to work with clients across Austin and other cities’ ever growing and eclectic markets. They even have opportunities to work in and learn throughout different industries. From an Austin-based jewelry giant to a leading oilfields services company—who wants ordinary anyway?

Our leadership is personable & supportive (some are kind of funny, too!)

We are proud to have a leadership team that consists of many Big 4 alums and industry experts, with deep expertise and a passion for client success. While each of these professionals bring unique experience and energy to the table, they work especially well as a team. Our firm’s number one goal is to add value to clients, and our leaders drive this core value in every area of our business by helping to support and empower our professionals.

We believe in continuous learning.

Thinking about learning NetSuite or upgrading your accounting skills? We’re here to help you excel—personally and professionally. Our pros stay at the top of their craft with flexible, robust learning and development opportunities. One of our team favorites is lunch & learn sessions, which encompass both technical and soft skills through live and online experiences. Our goal is to help every employee expand their skillsets and maximize their personal and professional growth.

We give back.

Bridgepoint is dedicated to building a brighter future in the communities where we work and live. Some of the major associations and organizations we support include: Make a Wish Foundation, Central Texas Food Bank, Big Brothers & Big Sisters and the Austin Animal Shelter…to name a few. There’s nothing better than giving back, while also bonding with your teammates—don’t you agree?

Our reputation can’t be beat.

Relationships are important. They’re in our DNA. We‘ve planted our feet here in the Texas market for 20 years and counting. We communicate openly, celebrate frequently, and have built lifelong client relationships each step of the way. With our new strategic partnership with the Addison Group, we are now growing our presence across the United States.

We have boomerang employees.

We do challenging work, in a fun and supportive environment. That can be harder to find than one might think, and employees that leave often discover “the grass is not always greener.” We form lasting relationships with our employees; even if they decide to leave us. As a result, our boomerang employees are some of our most productive and loyal team members!

We invest in YOU!

We’re a growing company, and our employees need to grow with us. Joining the Bridgepoint family means support, inspiration, flexibility—and countless opportunities to grow and take your career to new heights. We strive to ensure our employees have a pathway to achieving their career goals. In some cases, we have had consultants who transitioned into internal employees or advanced their roles by moving to other markets to lead an entire practice.

We offer great benefits.

Looking for a great perk package? We offer a competitive salary and a full range of benefits including: health, 401K, quarterly bonuses, milestone anniversary gifts, and access to a fun Perks @ Work discount program—need we say more?!

Work-life balance is prioritized.

Others say it; we mean it. We are proud to have a team that does meaningful and rewarding work, while still having time to enjoy the things that life has to offer outside the office. Knowing that Bridgepoint cares about your life outside the office, truly makes a world of difference. If you are looking to work in the world of consulting, but need a more flexible environment, we might be right for you.

We have fun!

We work hard, that’s for sure. But let me tell you – we celebrate at 110% to have a good time and bond us a team. While our work might be alone or in small teams at client offices, we meet up for activities like karaoke, seasonal parties, team building events and happy hours…just to name a few. Our camaraderie is for real and it’s one of the many reason employees love working here. Join us and see for yourself!

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